April 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

April 21, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p (Zoom)

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan p (Zoom)

Mary Jo Ferraro p (Zoom)




The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to approve previous minutes. Motion approved.


Finance – Zimmerman reported Amazon account was denied but Lubinsky going to call for more info.

Zimmerman/Manning motioned to purchase cameras as discussed at previous meeting. Manning will put on her card and get reimbursed. Manning stated that we were looking into getting two units. Murton stated they need the DVR for evidence. Krater stated we only need one unit and the Police will have the monitor. Motion approved.

Zimmerman stated we are waiting on Home Depot for a credit card also. S. Krater stated to look into Wells Fargo for a card also.


Public Works – D. Krater reported Faust is looking for work to do. D. Krater stated she gave Faust the Library floor that is coming up, the playground, the creek for pulling debris out. Manning sent a letter to Lowes for items that Faust recommended such as drywall, paint and flooring. D. Krater asked why Faust can’t do that work also to keep the crew busy while this pandemic is busy. Line painting also.

  1. Krater stated that we used 1 load of salt and there are 3 ton left. We are looking to order 1 more load to get back to the 5 before April 30th in order to get up to the level that we needed through Costars. They will store the salt for us. Zimmerman/McBreen moved to get another load ordered. Motion approved.
  2. Krater asked what we want to do with Ehrlich for the 2 service contracts. Zimmerman did talk to Davenport about spraying who said the knotweed grows back. Zimmerman reported Davenport goes in maybe twice a year and cut it down. Herndon believes that the spraying helps keep the knotweed away. S. Krater stated we have another month to decide what we want to do.


Property – Manning reported letter is out to Lowes and hopefully will hear back. Manning reported we have 1 estimate in for the Police station roof but awaiting two more. Manning reported the window at the Magistrate office is fine. Manning reported D. Krater reported there is a leak in the Senior Building that we have to look into.


Safety – S. Krater will entertain a motion to update the disaster resolution. D. Krater/McBreen motioned to update resolution. Motion approved.

  1. Krater reported the Swift system is no longer being used. S. Krater contacted the company to get a cost of putting out 12 to 15 a year for emergencies such as a flood, tax collecting information and fundraisers, etc. Cost would be $500 plus cost of each one. Could be between $900 to $1,000 a year. Unlimited would be $1,400 a month. There are 2 other things that they have and will do a demo for it. S. Krater will contact Palo Alto and Mechanicsville to see who they are using for this.

Recreation – Sullivan stated she doesn’t have anything since everything is cancelled.


Zoning/Code – McBreen reported 3 complaints. One for 211 Jackson Street and the other for 203 Jackson with a window problem with broken glass and no windows. McBreen asked if we could board up the windows. Burke stated that we can board them up but if we put a lien on the property we probably won’t get anything out of it.

  1. Krater will have Faust call McBreen to get direction on what to do with windows.

McBreen also reported at 323 Second Street, the owner is going to sell the property but the neighbor had put a deck over the property line and wanted to know what to do with it. McBreen talked to Nick Hazlett and he is going to check the situation out.


Personnel – S. Krater wants the committee to get together for personnel matters.


Sanitation – Ferraro reports no complaints.


Treasurer – Balance as of March 1st – $128,846.16, ending balance as of 3/31/20 – $120,126.94, Ending balance as of now is $85,415.72, Liquid Fuels as of March 1st – $87,122.65, balance as of 3/31/20 – $84,315.89, since then another check was written and the balance now is $79,907.97.

Tax Collector report – Real Estate tax collected $42,560.77, Per Capita – $3,534.45.

  1. Krater asked Zimmerman if we have to do a grace period for the discount period. Zimmerman stated the County has not done that yet.

Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to extend the discount period, face period and penalty period at the same time frame should Schuylkill County government extend those time frames and give the Borough Solicitor the authority to write a resolution if necessary. Motion approved.


Engineer – Tohill reported there are 3 categories left for FEMA.

Category C – PENNDOT occupancy permit resubmission outstanding. Penn DOT Business Partner application process need to finalize HOP submission. Culvert inspection was completed showing 2 culvert partial collapses. Tohill has begun coordination with Burke to prepare easement agreements. FEMA extension has been approved. Anticipated summer construction.

Category D – Mill Creek channel wall repairs. A response received for the scope change request from PEMA and we are preparing a response. Tohill has begun to coordinate with Solicitor Burke to prepare the easements for this project. FEMA extension was approved. Anticipated summer construction.

Growing Greener Update – Revised documents were submitted to DEP. Tohill working with Sane Kleiner to answer any questions for his review of revision. Tohill anticipates that Kleiner has forwarded his recommendations to their Harrisburg office for development of the contracts.


Road Project – Tohill discussed the Pine Street road project discussed in the past. If the Borough would like to begin this project and need assistance contact the office.

Pine Street CDBG project – Information has been provided to Karen Parish, County CDBG Consultant with additional information to assist with the DCED audit.

CDBG Grant Applications – Grant Applications are due on Friday, July 24th, 2020. If assistance in completing the application let Tohill know.


Mayor – Mayor reported Ben Schuettler and the Mayor is heading up Covid-19 in the Borough. Mayor reported everyone needs to wear a mask to enter the Borough building. Mayor reported the Police and Fire Dept. will be wearing mask. Schuettler reported the hospital requires a mask at all time. Mayor stated a mask and 6 feet distancing.


Mayor reported that Cody Mullins resigned from the Borough Police Dept. for a job in Allentown. Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to accept the resignations. Motion approved.


Solicitor – Solicitor Burke reported he and McBreen started work on the UCC ordinance and is on hold until we can get public participation before passing any ordinance. Burke suggest McBreen, Ralph Hummel, S. Krater and himself meet and discuss the matter.

Solicitor Burke stated he has the information for the easements to start on getting them ready.

Solicitor Burke asked about the storm water separation and if that was on hold. S.Krater stated that it is for now.


New business –1) Zimmerman stated the County is doing a project for Swatara Creek for CDBG. There may be other money coming down from Tropical Lee that will be running out at the end of the year that may be available for other stuff. May asked about the macadam and oil prices being low would this be a good time to get work done. Tohill stated that prices may be good but give a big window by end of summer.


  1. Krater asked if Mayor had any thoughts would be for Memorial Day. Mayor reported there will be 3 phases for the Covid and distancing regulations that may run into August.


  1. Krater asked for a motion to authorize Zimmerman, Manning and Lubinsky the ability to authorize any operating expenses that need to be done. McBreen/Sullivan made the motion. Motion approved.


McBreen/Zimmerman motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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