August 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

August 18, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater a                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan p

Mary Jo Ferraro p



The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mayor asked for a moment of silence for Frank Schuettler, a great citizen and friend, who helped with Port Carbon baseball and all of the kids. Frank also attended all of the Port Carbon sports and Pottsville sports.


Zimmerman/Manning motioned to approve previous minutes. Motion approved.


Executive Session – 7:03 to 7:07


  1. Krater reported there were 2 executive meeting held, one was on Sunday at 8:45, for real estate and property. On Friday, we received a complaint from the Magistrate office that they did not feel safe being in their office. They had sent a letter to Court Administrator, who then closed the Magistrate office until further notice. Subsequent to that the Borough contracted with a restoration company, who was here for the Police Station already. They then proceeded to cleaned, restored and remediated any problems there were in this building and the Magistrate office. We received a letter and certification from the restoration company that everything was completed as of Sunday. A letter was sent to the County on Monday that everything was completed. The Magistrate office did not open on Monday. This morning they received a letter certification, they wanted to see the certification in mold inspector and remediation from the person that did the work. Today, Scott Krater received a letter that the employees of the Magistrate office wants an air quality check to be performed. The Borough has meet
  2. Krater will entertain a motion that the Borough pays or does not pays for the air quality inspection for the Magistrate office only as we have satisfied our end of the remediation. Zimmerman/McBreen motioned not to pay for the air quality check that was requested. Motion approved.
  3. Krater will notify them in the morning that we will not be paying for it.


Citizens – No report.


Finance – No report.


Public Works – Mayor reported there is garage aside of the Police station laying around. Mayor asked that it get cleaned up.


Property – Manning reported all the properties are in great shape.


Safety – No report.


Recreation – No report.


Zoning – McBreen reported a complaint on 256 Spruce and will send code over there to look into condemning it. Mayor asked about the property at 208 Valley Street. Zimmerman stated that property is either on Commissioner or Upset sale. Zimmerman can ask the County to move to Commissioner or repository list depending on where it is. Burke stated that he most likely a squatter and we could have Code look at getting him out.

McBreen stated that the committee met on the proposal from Hazlett and decided not to go in that direction.


Personnel – No report.


SanitationFerraro reports no complaints. Have to meet with Mechanicsville to finish the new contract and get ready to advertise.


Special – No report.


Treasurer – Beginning balance for July – $289,803.27, wrote out $71,984.65 in checks, deposited $36,579.44. Balance of July 31st was $254,398.06. As of today the balance is $183,288.15.

Liquid Fuels balance is $129,606.46.

Code enforcement fine money from the Magistrate in the amount of $97.72 was received.

Manning/Sullivan motioned to accept Treasurer’s report. Motion approved.

Lubinsky reported there was no Tax Collector’s report send in this month.


Sanitation report – Mengle is working on the delinquent sanitation letters.


Engineer – Tohill reported updates on projects.


Category C (Roads) – Tohill reported paperwork is in and almost done. Tohill reported we need to meet with the property owners and get papers signed in order to move forward. The HOP is at least a month for all the work to get done. This project may have to wait until spring to get done due to all that is involved. It is a 14 day window from advertising to getting bids. We will talk about options once we get approval.

Category D (drainage) Mill Creek Channel Wall Repair – Tohill spoke with Pam Foley about the delay due to change of specs due to FEMA. Benesch did get approval for the concrete wall. We could put that project out for bid as long as we put a big window on the work to be done. It is possible to go out for bid this fall.

Growing Greener – Tohill reported there was a snag with address with the application and will let them know the PO Box was the hold up. Tohill will report back to them and hopefully we are able to move forward with the project now.

Road Project –Tohill reported the advertisement for bids should be in today’s newspaper. Bids will be received the morning of September 1st the same day as the Borough meeting. The meeting will be advertised as Special Meeting for General Business purposes for that the bids can be voted on. Tohill stated then we can award the bid right away. Base bid was Pine and North to Cherry and Pine and 20 feet on either side of the intersection to include the Handicap area. Curb line milling and overlay on Wilson Avenue of about 200 ft. of paving was also included.

  1. Krater reported Mrs. Foley requested that we push the project along because of kids climbing at the area where the wall collapsed. Mayor will have the Police Dept. to keep an eye on the area.



EMA – Fire Chief – July report = QRS – 27 calls, Fire 9 calls. The Fire Dept. reported they received funding from FEMA for 2019 fiscal year. The Fire. Dept. may be using the funds to purchase a thermal imagery camera.



Mayor – Mayor reported Mr. Tebin from Coal and North that he has killed 33 rats at his home. Mayor reported there was a lot of garbage that was put out the other week.

Mayor reported the fax machine in the Police station doesn’t work and does anyone know how to work on it.


Solicitor – Burke reported he worked with Mr. Hummel on the letter to the for the gentleman on Second St. that if he was going to change the use of the building he would have to apply for relief from the Zoning hearing and also that he would need to get a UCC permit. Burke stated we may hear a response from him next month.


New business – Zimmerman reported we have $129,606 in liquid fuel monies. Zimmerman wants everyone to know that we average $70,000 on non-road projects a year. When we start working on the budget we need to get away from doing that in the future. The street lights alone are $36,000 a year and we only get $66,000 a year. Other items like storm drains and maintenance on vehicles is coming out of liquid fuels.


Zimmerman reported at the judicial sale 532 Third St was sold to Home Concept LLC for $5,600, 315 Valley St was sold to RSK Flipper LLC for $13,600, and 217 Pike St. was sold to RSK Flipper for $14,100. The land on Wood Street that Catherine Mae McGinley owns was not sold, the bar was not sold and the Kintzer property was not sold. Zimmerman reported the other 3 properties will be moved to repository on August 28th.

Zimmerman suggested he look into to acquiring the bar and Kintzer property and demolish them with the County. This would cost the Borough $300-$500 out of pocket for each property.

Burke reminded Zimmerman to make sure the demolition will do double homes. Zimmerman will check into that.

McBreen/Manning motioned to proceed to acquire the property from the County. Motion approved.


Manning stated Lesher will come to the next meeting to discuss what would need to be done on the outside of the Borough building.


Zimmerman/Manning motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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