December 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

General Meeting

December 15, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer P

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan – zoom

Mary Jo Ferraro – zoom


The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to approve the minutes from November meetings. Motion approved.


Citizen’s – George Thomas – Thomas asked about having recycling since County bins are gone. S. Krater stated it could be looked at in 3 or 4 years after the contract is done. Burke stated bids were out before County did their new ordinance.

Zimmerman informed Thomas that as soon as Borough gets deed processed for Encounters we will move forward with demolition project.

Thomas reported Modesto bought another house and asked will he need a permit or zoning variance in order to tear house down and build something else. Burke replied that if he does something he will go through the proper channels as he did before.


Finance – Zimmerman reported the budget was handed out at last meeting. If there are any questions or concerns let the Finance committee know.

Zimmerman reported we got Covid grant money. The Police are in need of two laptops for the vehicles which is an eligible expense. Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to have the Police Dept. purchase the two laptops. Motion approved.

Zimmerman will work with Lubinsky to order the laptops. Murton reported they are looking to get two Dell version of Tuff Book for $1,500 each versus the other Panasonic Tuff Book that runs $4,000.

Mayor reported Dave Gonzalos will work with the Police Dept. with the programming.

  1. Krater reported the Borough also purchased a disinfecting machine that can be used at all the Borough properties.


Public Works – D. Krater reported we have a bill for $127.70 for electrical items needed for work done at Gazebo. S. Krater stated Faust will work on making the electrical more permanent in the spring.

  1. Krater reported Faust is ready for the snow and has people lined up for plowing.
  2. Krater reported the School district needs more information for Crossing Guard in order for the Borough to be reimbursed.


Property – No report.


Safety – S. Krater reported we need to declare a Snow Emergency starting at 10:00 am December 16th. It will be posted on Facebook and Web site. A list of the streets and map showing the streets will be posted. There are already red signs in place stating the route. S. Krater stated we should look at adding streets like First Street and the School Bus route.

  1. Krater reported since we are Declaring a Snow Emergency we won’t have to bid for snow removal.


Recreation – No report.


Zoning – McBreen reported only one complaint that is being addressed. Quality of Life has no complaints.


Sanitation – McBreen stated the Sanitation committee discussed the contract and which company to go with, whether to raise the fee or keep at the current cost and also what to do as far as enforcement and those that aren’t paying their sanitation fee.

The Sanitation committee does recommend for Port Carbon Borough to accept the bid for a four year contract with Tamaqua Transfer with yearly spring cleanup for a total of $622, 535 over the cost of four years. The committee feels they are the cheapest and are familiar with the Borough and they have made every reasonable effort to resolve customer complaints.

Zimmerman feels that issues need to be resolved quickly and come at the same time consistently. McBreen will communicate this with Tamaqua Transfer.

  1. Krater asked if it is in the contract when they can start. Ferraro will check and make sure.

McBreen/Manning motioned to accept Bid 1 with Tamaqua Transfer on the recommendation of the Sanitation committee. Motion approved.

McBreen/D. Krater motioned to accept Bid 2 with Tamaqua Transfer on the recommendation of the Sanitation committee. Motion approved.


McBreen stated the committee increase the Sanitation cost from $200 to $225 a year with a discount of $10 if paid in the 1st quarter. As of right now there is a deficit of $52,450 per the treasurer which as accumulated under the last four years.

Mayor stated that it is terrible how taxpayers that do pay have to suffer and pay more money for the ones that don’t. Mayor stated that for years nothing has been done about this.

Manning stated we just raised it and now have to raise again. Manning asked about putting a lien on properties for this. Mayor stated the liens could be on forever.

McBreen/Manning motioned to authorize a drafting of resolution to increase the sanitation fee to $225 with a discount of $10 discount for 2021 with a $10 per quarter late fee. Motion approved.


McBreen stated that the Sanitation Committee recommends that the committee consider over the course of the next year a means of enforcing sanitation payment upon those who have consistently refused to pay their portion of the Borough’s sanitation contract.


Treasurer’s – General fund as of November 1st, the balance was 176,437.62, checks for $65,526.80, deposits for $48,861.16 for a balance of $142,761.36.

Liquid Fuels – Beginning balance of $121,482.18, checks for $83,925.34, deposits of $3,127.64, ending balance of $40,684.48

Tax Collector – Real Estate collected since March 2020 – $272,271.44 (757 bills), Real estate for November 2020 $2,176.77 (5 bills), Per Capita collected for November – $136.17 (9 bills), Per Capita since March $10,996.39 (809 bills). Sanitation collected since March 2020 $86,472.00.

Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to accept report. Report approved.


Engineer – S. Krater reported we have the 2021 Consulting Services contract for Alfred Benesch. McBreen/Zimmerman motioned to retain Benesch for Port Carbon Boroughs Engineering for 2021. Motion approved.

Category C – 4th Street Repairs – Benesch will assist the Borough by contacting Penn Dot to receive permissions needed to receive ePermitting access required for a Highway Occupancy Permit and finalize the bid package. 4th Street repairs are on hold until after the winter due to temperature restriction. We need to schedule meeting soon with affected property owners to execute the easement agreements drafted by Solicitor Burke. Anticipated winter bidding and spring construction due to asphalt temperature restrictions.

Category D – Mill Creek Channel Wall Repairs. –Benesch is finalizing the specification book for bidding purposes. All required documents have been signed and we are able to finalize the project. All the permitting is in place. Meetings need to be set up with affected property owners to execute the easement agreements drafted by Solicitor Burke. A Reimbursement request has been submitted to PEMA. The Borough should receive $24,255.00 within a month. Winter/Spring construction is anticipated.

Growing Greener – Benesch is coordinating the survey for the by-pass pipe option. This coordination includes scheduling a railroad inspector since this option will require crossing the railroad near the intersection of Commerce Street and Jackson Street. It is estimated the survey will be coordinated to begin in January.

Road Project – All documents have been sent to John Davis, PennDOT to close this Liquid Fuels Project. Also, Ronnie Folk has submitted a letter confirming they will correct damages to the Kuperavage Driveway on Wilson Avenue in the spring


EMA – No report.


Mayor – Mayor reported Mrs. Eich, Port Carbon Library is requesting a 15 minute Library parking sign to be placed in front of the Library. Mrs. Eich reported parking is very limited there. Murton recommends doing a traffic survey will have to be done since it is on PennDOT road. Burke stated an Ordinance will be needed in order to enforce fines for the sign. S. Krater stated to do survey and bring back to Council. S. Krater suggest getting Library hours also.

Mayor reported a noise complaint from Lechefski and Lurwick across from Turkey Hill between 3:30 am to 4 am and would like to see what can be done. Burke suggests looking at Quality of Life ordinance. Murton stated since Turkey Hill is looking to get a liquor license and there may be something in the PLCB contract to help.

Mayor reported the old Pottsville car can be up and running but will cost $1,434 to have work completed for inspection.

Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to have work done on vehicle per quote of $1,434. Motion approved.


Solicitor– Burke reported working on the USDA loan for a new Police vehicle. Burke also reported that when Tohill is ready we will get the easements signed.


Executive Session – 8:13 to 8:43


Personnel – S. Krater read resignation letters from Secretary Luanne Mengle and Treasurer Margaret Lubinsky effective January 22, 2021.

  1. Krater, with regrets, will entertain a motion to accept the resignations. Zimmerman/Manning motioned to accept the two resignations. Motion accepted.

Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to hire Shane Scheitrum, pending background checks, as per diem snow plow driver at $12.75. Other drivers are Mike Walsh, Rob Kline and Greg Schuettler



Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Luanne Mengle, Borough Secretary

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