January 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

January 21, 2020


COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor P

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan p

Mary Jo Ferraro p




The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Zimmerman/Manning motioned to accept the minutes of the Reorganizational meeting held on January 6. Motion approved.


Finance – Zimmerman reported the General fund beginning balance was $182,517.08. Ending balance was $106,933.02.


Public Works – D. Krater reported white dump is going for inspection in February. Rock salt was ordered on Monday. Faust gave an estimate for signage for no parking project on Coal Street for a 90 day trial. For signs the cost is $10 and the hardware is additional. Ferraro/Sullivan motioned to purchase the signs not to exceed $388. Motion approved.

Krater reported Dave Bondura made some items for the garage and would a thank you letter sent.

Krater reported we had purchase a line painter back in May of 2019 from Seal Coating in Saint Charles, Illinois for $1,620 that we have not received. Krater reported we keep getting the run around when we call about this. Krater would like to have Burke look into this. Burke stated he will look into it.


Property – Manning reported there are some houses in town that are in bad shape and boarded up. Some of them are on the Commissioner list and wanted to check into what we can do. Property on Valley Street always having outdoor fires. House at 21 Cherry Street with several code violations that need to be addressed. Manning would like to look at getting at least 3 properties on the list to have them put on demolition list. Burke went over some of the procedures to get the properties. Zimmerman reported the demolition money available at the County level is 75/25.


Safety – S. Krater reported there was a meeting in December 2019 with the three boroughs and everything is good.


Recreation – Sullivan reported January 8th there was a meeting with Jim Womer and Jeff Dunkel for Dustin’s egg hunt. Sullivan reported registration starts February 1st for Special needs children 16 and under. The egg hunt is going to be on April 4th. McBreen reported they asked about the garbage pickup and electric in the bathroom but McBreen stated there was electric on. D. Krater reported Faust saw kids busting the door and that will have to be fixed. Sullivan stated they will be getting a handicap job Johnny. S. Krater reported there is a pole there with electric. Sullivan reported Womer offered to bring stone to put down for the muddy driveway.

McBreen stated they may contact us for future events.


Zoning/Code – McBreen had Siegfred’s report. McBreen read the report. 1) First St vehicles matter the letter was sent and fines should be $300 a day. 2) Seigfred went around today and hung notices on doors for people that did not shovel the snow from Saturday’s storm. 3) 600 Third Street with porch falling down and is dangerous. McBreen wanted to know if Police or Highway can go up and block off the sidewalk. 4) 254 Spruce Street was open and Ferraro closed the doors up. 5) Roof collapse on 221 Second Street. 6) The old Rollover bar the side porch is falling down.

McBreen stated Seigfred turned in a $30 receipt for ink for his printer for reimbursement. McBreen/Manning approved reimbursement for ink as long as we have the receipt. Motion approved

Zimmerman reported on the hill by 221 Second there is a tree there ready to fall down that is on the sidewalk.


Sanitation – Report on early sanitation pick up complaint. D. Krater called and there is no specified time in the contract to start. Mayor also talked to the Admiral about the situation.


Special – Zimmerman reported Tohill sent letters out about the flood.


Engineer – FEMA –Categories A, B, D, E and G have been obligated. Projects still ongoing is Category C and Z. Category C is roads there are PENNDOT permits being worked on. Tohill is hoping to coordinate with Burke on the Easement agreements for the affected parties. Category D for Mill Creek Channel wall repairs – There is a scope change request to PEMA for alternate wall construction waiting for approval. FEMA already approved the change.

FEMA is requesting a meeting with a Borough representative for a “Recovery Transition Meeting”. S. Krater asked if we close the FEMA projects we will not receive any PEMA money until all the projects are completed. Tohill stated that is his understanding. S. Krater feels we should get the money for the projects that are already completed. Tohill will request that at the meeting or find out more information.

Growing Greener Update – Tohill reported Borough decided to go ahead with the bypass pipe that would go south of the Borough garage, straight through Baden Powell Avenue and through the mountain and into the Schuylkill river along 209. In order to get a signed agreement we have to get everyone that would be affected to sign a release to allow us on the property to do a survey or design. DEP has approved the use of PENNDOT “Notice of Intent to Enter” letters and they have been sent out. To Foley’s, Winstian, Yuengling and Sullivan Trail Co., owned by Pagnotti Coal Co. The one sent to the County has been signed and returned.

Engineer report on File.


Mayor – Mayor reported Girardville Borough has requested Fire Police for their annual St. Patrick’s Parade. Mayor will give request to Bill Schuettler.

Mayor received correspondence from Census and wants to know our Boundary validation.

Mayor stated awhile back we voted to hire a PT officer who needed to go for evaluation which was successfully completed and is ready to start once he gets uniforms. His name is Mike Allar.


Solicitor – Burke reported the judgment from Plachko was upheld after a hearing at the Court House by Judge Miller. Acorn Estates was found to be in violation and fined.


Unfinished business – McBreen asked about the storm drain at the corner of First and Market Street and when the work would be done. S. Krater said to check with Faust on when it would be done. Faust may be waiting for the estimate.


New business – McBreen stated the New Boot Camp for new officials for Jan. 24 & 25 is $130 for members.

PSAB plus for $450 what will give you more access to webinars.

McBreen/Manning motioned to approve the PSAB plus. Motion approved.

Lubinsky requested approval for a new chair since one is broken. Sullivan/Manning motioned to purchase a new chair.


Citizens – Ashley Richter asked what is classified as a boarding house. Richter reported there is 2 meters and 5 or 6 tenants. The tag is off the gas line. S. Krater stated we did get a letter stated the problem was corrected. Justin Richter reported the noise at 2 am in the morning is non-stop. Mayor will have Murton stop down in the morning. If it continues they will be fined.


Executive Session


McBreen/Manning motioned for an additional $500 to go to the Police Dept. Motion approved.


  1. Krater wants to have a meeting with Public Works on Personnel for plowing matters.

Sullivan asked if Public Works would be able to plow Plum Street it is always a sheet of ice. D. Krater will talk to highway.


  1. Krater/Zimmerman motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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