July 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

July 21, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan a

Mary Jo Ferraro p



The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to approve previous minutes. Motion approved.


Finance – Zimmerman reported budget is at 47.8% with the budget and overall we are slightly under budget. Zimmerman would like to meet with Manning and McBreen to start working on the budget for next year. Zimmerman reported he asked Lisa Mahall for our liquid fuels may and that has a newer date than ours. The mileage is 9.01 minus the state highway. The map was handed out for everyone to review.

Zimmerman has a blight remediation grant due for July 31st. This can be used to acquire property that was blighted from the flood.


Public Works – D. Krater reported she will check the zoning maps and will check the mileage of each street.

  1. Krater reported Faust has ordered the supplies needed to work on highway from his list. D. Krater reported the lawn motor broke and was fixed by the highway guys.
  2. Krater reported she will meet with Tohill for the Pine Street.


Property – Manning reported Ehrlich contract for termites for 301 1st St on north side for 3 years at $524.78. Manning/Krater motioned to approve the 3 year contract. Motion approved. Manning stated they need to be signed and sent back.

Manning/McBreen motioned to approve the two invoices for knot weed in both creek areas. One invoice is $1,344 and the other is $2,435 for a total of $3,779. Motion approved.

Tohill reported there is $20,000 line item with the Growing Greener grant for knot weed spraying.

Manning reported Bill Lesher found where the employees work at the Magistrate where the wall is collapsing. Manning stated Tohill will report on this issue.

The second installment of three for work done at Magistrate is due. $5,492. Manning/Ferraro motioned to make the installment payment. Motion approved.

Manning stated there so no date from Hahner as of today.


Safety – S. Krater reported that East Norwegian has decertified their fire company. The entire township is covered by Saint Clair. There may be some ongoing discussions since we are closer to some areas than Saint Clair is. They are paying Saint Clair for fire coverage.


Recreation – McBreen reported he spoke to Brian Garrity with the Little League who said that they won’t be using the fields. McBreen/Ferraro motioned to allow the soccer association to use the fields but they must provide insurance certification. Motion approved.


Zoning – McBreen reported We Agape you is grading their back yard. McBreen sent Nick Hazlett to investigate. The owner sent a letter to his lawyer stating he feels threatened by the neighbors. McBreen forwarded papers to our Solicitor. Lehigh engineering suggest we wait and see what the owner actually does. Solicitor Burke stated it will be hard to get someone out once they are in the building and feels we should be proactive with this situation. McBreen spoke with Bill Murphy who reported they only have a permit to reenergize the building. Zimmerman reported that the owner is telling everyone something different as far as what the building is going to be done with the building.

Zimmerman/Manning motioned to have Lehigh to do what needs to be done to curtail this before it gets to be an issue. Motion approved.

McBreen stated we received a complaint on 69 Coal Street on a board that is sticking out. McBreen is going to put a lien on property to remove the board and when the porch roof that needed to be taken down. The property owner has already cited.

McBreen received an email from Diane Lennick would like to subdivide St. Stephens church from the former school building. Burke stated they will need a variance. McBreen will have her contact Ralph Hummel for more information.


Zimmerman has the paperwork for 318 N. Coal Street to acquire the property. Will cost the Borough $300 to $500 for the fees for paperwork. We should get this stated so that when the demolition money comes in we will be ready to have the demolition done. There will be no match for this grant.

Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to start process to acquire the property and use Schuylkill County grant money to demolish the property. Motion approved.

Zimmerman reported the next sale should be in August.

Zimmerman reported there are other properties that are on repository list that are down by the creek and may be helpful with the Creek project.

Zimmerman reported other properties are 532 Third St., 315 Valley St., 106 Market St., 217 Pike, and 203 Jackson St. that will be going up also. There is also land on Wood Street.


Zimmerman reported he talked with Bulino about the car that was hit. The letter stated we paid his deductible and since we have government immunity we are not responsible for the rest. Piccioni will have to call his insurance agency to discuss further payment.


Personnel – S. Krater reported the employees received their insurance portfolios.


SanitationFerraro reports there was complaints on leakage from the truck. Ferraro received numerous calls. Ferraro reported the committee is working on the new contract.


Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to accept all committee reports. Motion accepted.


Treasurer – Beginning balance for June – $293,257.51, checks cleared and uncleared – $86,233.93, deposits of $66,772.68, ending balance of – $273,796.26. As of today new checks written $34,025.23 and deposits of $17,095.89 with an ending balance of $256,866.92. Liquid Fuels beginning balance of $140,772.64. Checks written for $3,459.25, deposit of $1.15 ending balance of $134,784.54. With new transaction of $243.05 gives us an ending balance of $134,541.49

Tax Collector report for June – there was nothing collected for Real Estate/Per Capita/Occupational. Sanitation collected from June 16 to July 21 is $9,080, from March 1st is $80,162.

McBreen/Manning motioned to accept report. Motion approved.




Engineer – Tohill reported updates on projects.


Category C (Roads) – Tohill received confirmation that the Borough received a Business Partner ID however it is not on Penn Dot permitting website. As soon as this is resolved Benesch will submit the HOP. The HOP was withdrawn due to inactivity however Benesch will submit a new Utility HOP for storm inlets.


Category D (drainage) Mill Creek Channel Wall Repair – Benesch has begun final design of the walls based on approved FEMA scope. Benesch has submitted a request for reimbursement from PEMA to pay for expensed incurred with this project. Tohill stated meeting have to be scheduled with affected property owners to execute the easement agreements drafted by Solicitor Burke. There is an anticipated fall construction.


Growing Greener – Tohill reported they have received notice that the grant was successfully executed. Benesch has prepared a proposal for engineering services for the work outlined in the DEP contracts. Once this proposal is executed, we will schedule a meeting with the Borough’s committee, DEP and possibly other agencies to discuss how we plan on proceeding, the obstacles we anticipate and proposed timeline.


Road Project – Benesch will work with John Davis, PennDot to incorporate the Pine Street project into the bid documents of the 4th Street FEMA project. Tohill will meet with Borough to establish limits of work to be done. Will do Pine Street as bid 2 to keep cost separate. We anticipate bidding this project for late summer/fall construction


CFA Blight Remediation Program and CDBG Disaster Recovery Grant – Benesch has reviewed these grant opportunities and do not feel these would be applicable to the Borough. However the CFA program may be able to be used to acquire the Weinstein property on Commerce Street. Benesch can assist the Borough in the preparation of a grant for this property or any other if the Borough wishes to pursue this grant.


Borough Building – Tohill met with Contractor Bill Lesher to review work completed in the Magistrates office. Based on a visual inspection and information from Lesher there is a small section of plaster that should be removed. The section to be removed is near the entrance and is above a section of plaster that had previously fallen.


EMA – Fire Chief – March report = QRS – 22 calls, Fire 7 calls. Mayor reports Faust is sanitizing the playground equipment on Mondays.


Mayor – Mayor reports 1) Taylor and Murton are working on the Police Dept. on the holding cell and evidence room. 2) Mayor reported that everything should go through the Mayor to have the Police do anything or want them to call someone. Mayor asked that a letter be sent to the other Boroughs that they need to go through the chain of command. – Mayor, Chief and then the Sgt.


Solicitor – No report.


Unfinished Business – Zimmerman reported Police gave wish list for COVID money and Zimmerman is also adding item for the Borough and Highway. Zimmerman is also putting in for a laptop in case we would have to work from home. Zimmerman also put in for 3 portable radios. Zimmerman suggest putting the Police, Borough and Fire Co. separate.


New business

The agreement with Benesch for $188 thousand will be covered by the Grant for the Growing Greener. Will have to get the committee together again for the project.

McBreen/Zimmerman motioned to sign the agreement with Benesch for the Growing Greener Project. Motion approved.


Zimmerman reported Susan Smith talked with him today and said that she is starting work on Port Carbon and it should be ready for 2021 for Port Carbon to go with the County for Zoning. The committee will be involved with the process but since Zimmerman works at the Court House Smith would like to be able to go to him to get the work done quicker.



Zimmerman/Manning motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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