June 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

June 19, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan p

Mary Jo Ferraro p



The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Zimmerman/Sullivan motioned to approve previous minutes. S. Krater stated there is one correction in previous minutes for the amount of $477.21 for the increase of monthly insurance payment. Motion approved.


Citizen – Casey, Port Bar & Grill, Jackson Street – Casey stated he is working with the PLCB with the regulations on distancing. Casey stated they are allowing the Port Grill to have outdoor seating on the Coal St. side of the Bar as long as they have a letter from the Borough Council giving permission. McBreen/Manning motioned to allow temporary seating on Coal St. with the guidelines of the PLCB. Motion approved.

Casey stated they are learning all of the restrictions with the sanitizing, distancing and how many will be allowed there at a time.


Finance – Zimmerman reported as of June 4th we are at 40% vs 43% with the budget and overall we are under budget. Zimmerman would like to start working with the Finance committee on the budget for next year. Zimmerman would like to have other committee members to look over their budgets to see what is needed. If anyone has any questions Zimmerman will go over the budget with them.

Zimmerman would like to find out from Ehrlich to see what they are doing comparing what they are billing us for.

Manning stated she can go over to the office and see if she can get information. Kelly stated there are carpenter bees going in the top of the building also.


Public Works – D. Krater reported mulch was done, pressure washing and painting has been done at all the playgrounds. Inlet at Turkey Hill is completed. Painting at the senior building is being worked on. In order to clean out the inlets Faust asked if he can purchase a jet kit for $74.99. D. Krater/Ferraro motioned to by the kit. Motion approved.

  1. Krater stated we received a letter from PennDot to check our traffic light poles for rust. D. Krater stated there is an issue with the poles rusting depending on how they were installed. D. Krater will have Faust check our pole.


Property – Manning reported Plachko’s office is being worked on. Should be 1/3 done by now. Cost will be $16,000 and was an emergency to be done. Burke stated you should get 3 quotes and document the calls to have a record of them.

Manning reported Hahner is doing the police roof for $5,250. Manning is going to ask Hahner for to look at a leak by the drain coming down.


Recreation – Sullivan received a call from Justin Richter asking if Pottsville’s teener league can come to our field and practice and play games, maintain the field and call it their home field. Sullivan doesn’t want it because our kids can never play for Pottsville. Sullivan stated she does have plans on trying to fix our fields for our kids to use. Schoentown’s field is under construction right now. Sullivan feels it is only fair that our kids use the field first. Mayor stated that Port Carbon Little League has always had control of the field. Port Carbon comes first. Sullivan will let them know it is no.


Zoning/Code – McBreen reported Cherry St. is being fined per day. Siegfried had 2 complaints – one on Grant Street and one on Coal. Siegfried had 7 high grass notices that were handed out and all were taken care of.

Nick Hazlett recommended changing the Rental registration fee schedule with a Resolution. $5.00 per unit changed to $50 per unit. Tenant fee is $10 per adult and changed to $20 per adult. McBreen/Sullivan motioned to accept the Resolution. Motion accepted.


Personnel – S. Krater reported wants Personnel committee to go over the Port Carbon Employee handbook for next year.

  1. Krater stated we need a motion to go with Blue Cross/Blue Shield with the same type of coverage with an increase of $477.12. Zimmerman/D.Krater motioned to approve the insurance plan. Ferraro abstained. Motion approved.


Sanitation – Ferraro reports last week some garbage was not picked up because of the extra tonnage. Ferraro stated they said they would be out early Saturday to pick it up.

  1. Krater asked for a copy of the contract for the committee in order to start working on the new contract. Krater stated that Palo Alto and Mechanicville is interested in going in together with the contract.


Treasurer – Balance as of May3 1st – $149,593.56, checks written – $80,442.39, deposits of $224,106.34, ending balance of – $293,257.51. Liquid Fuels beginning balance of $143,664.70. Checks written for $2,893.27, deposit of $1.21 ending balance of $140,772.64.

Tax Collector report for May – taxes collected for Real Estate/Per Capita/Occupational tax collected $27,484.28. Sanitation collected from March 1 is $71,082.



Engineer – Tohill reported updates on projects.

Category C (Roads) – Tohill reported the Borough has registered as a PennDot Business Partner. HOP re-submission will finalize shortly. Tohill reported Burke has prepared the easement agreements and we can proceed with the submission of these forms with the property owners. Anticipated summer/fall construction. S. Krater asked if the road in front of Walsh’s corner on 4th Street is part of project. Tohill stated that a handicap ramp will be put there and the whole street will be paved. Zimmerman stated he was told there is a piece of rebar sticking up on the sidewalk that washed away.

Category D (drainage) Mill Creek Channel Wall Repair – Benesch has been working with FEMA regarding the scope change request for approval. Burke has prepared the easement agreements with affected parties. (Spiess, Foley and Winstian) We can proceed with the execution of these agreements with the affected parties. Tohill anticipates a summer/fall construction.

Growing Greener – the Borough has received the grant approval/contracts from DEP. Tohill is finalizing the proposal for the work and anticipates the proposal will be complete next week. Benesch will provide the proposal to the Borough for approval. Once approved we would like to schedule a meeting to discuss how we plan on proceeding, the obstacles we anticipate and a proposed timeline.

Road Project – Benesch will work with John Davis, PennDot to incorporate the Pine Street project into the bid documents of the 4th Street FEMA project. Will do Pine Street as bid 2 to keep cost separate. We anticipate bidding this project for late summer/fall construction

CDBG flood mitigation – Tohill is proposing a meeting with Council or a Committee to discuss options related to this grant. We propose to incorporate the CDBG meeting with the Growing Greener kick-off meeting as these projects will work towards a common goal. Flood committee suggests EMA, Lee Miller and Mrs. Foley be a part of the meetings.

Borough Building – Tohill met with Faust and Magistrate Plachko to look at the interior wall above drop ceiling in Magistrate’s office. An email was sent with Benesch’s recommendations for work needed. (On file)


  1. Krater stated the debris coming down the channel with heavy rain and getting stuck at the manhole. S. Krater asked if we can get the Sewer Authority to do anything with the manhole. Tohill stated that we can look at the options and see if we can have a “V” to deflect what gets hung up on the manhole. Tohill doesn’t think we would be able to get the Sewer Authority to correct the situation.


EMA – Fire Chief – March report = QRS – 20 calls, Fire 5 calls.



Mayor – Mayor reports 1) the Playgrounds will open on Friday with signs for social distancing. Sullivan will get signs made. 2) Invoices are to come to the Mayor and then to Ron/Peggie. 3) Mayor talked with Henry Piccioni about the 2019 incident with the Borough truck where the truck hit Piccioni’s vehicle. Piccioni went to Mayor about this. Mayor would like to reimburse the cost to Piccioni what he had to pay out of pocket. Estimate was $498 for repair. Mayor stated that since this has been sitting for a year because of paperwork being misplaced the Mayor feels we should pay the $250 deductible. Sullivan feels that we should pay it. Zimmerman asked if we do it for him what happens if someone else comes asking for payment. Zimmerman stated if someone hits his vehicle he would have to pay his deductible. Mayor stated Piccioni called the Police station several times. Burke stated if we start paying for one deductible we would be stuck paying others. Burke suggest sending a letter from Bulino explaining why they paid what they did.


Solicitor – Solicitor Burke reported in regards to the Sewer Authority. GPASA is receiving directives for treating storm water different than sewer water. GPASA is changing names to Pottsville Authority, will need to change their bylaws, local municipalities will need to change their ordinances. S. Krater put together a committee to discuss this with Port Carbon and Palo Alto to find out what their plan is and exactly how they are going to do this.

Tohill suggest we find out when Port Carbon will be forced into changing. Zimmerman had heard that it would be years down the road but not sure if that is how it will be.


Unfinished Business – D. Krater wants to thank everyone for their help with the food sale and Schoentown Vets for all their help. Zimmerman stated on behalf of the Vets they were glad for the help. Zimmerman stated they would like to do this again maybe twice a year. Fireworks will be at 9:30 on the 4th, Parade at 10:00 am on the 4th. Council members can walk in the parade. Senator Argall, Tim Zwardzik, and Schuylkill Royalty and Winter Carnival will be riding in the parade also. Ice Cream Truck owner made a $100 donation for the fireworks. Ice Cream Truck will be at Mirawal on the 4th, a call from Amos about having the Hewes truck there selling food and funnel cake. Amos will give 15% of their take for the fireworks also. Proof on insurance and license will be provided. No food being served. Children will get a bottle of water and a goody bag.

Ferraro stated the Amvets are having a meeting to get a date for the Bingo for July.


New business

Zimmerman reported there was money out there to acquire property in a floodplain but there isn’t enough time to apply. There will be other money out there for blight.

Broadband call 720 million for utility companies to get money to get everyone up to higher speed. In Schuylkill it is estimated 9.5 million over 10 years. There is time for this one. Maybe there could be pressure on Verizon to get this.


Citizens – Kelly noticed that the cemetery at top of First Street, the ATV’s have created a path running down the length of cemetery causing erosion.


Mayor talked to Officer Murton about the fireworks be the creek late at night. Murton stated he will put a patrol advisory out for that area.


Executive Session for Personnel matters.

8:46 to 8:53


Personnel – Manning/Sullivan motioned to give 3% raise to Faust, Eich, Lubinsky and Mengle and go retro to May 1st.


Zimmerman/Manning motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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