May 2020


Port Carbon Borough Council

May 19, 2020

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                  ANCILLARY MEMBERS


Scott Krater, Vice President, p                                                                 Harold Herndon, Mayor p

Ron Zimmerman, p                                                                                     William Burke, Solicitor p

Denise Krater p                                                                                            Peggy Lubinsky, Treasurer p

James McBreen p                                                                                       Luanne Mengle, Secretary p

Cathy Manning p

Tiffany Sullivan p

Mary Jo Ferraro p (Zoom)




The meeting was called to order by President Scott Krater with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to approve previous minutes. Motion approved.


Citizen – Mike Welsh, Jackson Street – Welsh stated while driving around he noticed stuff all over the place from the recycle bins. Welsh also reported there are ATV’s and Side by Side’s driving all over Jackson, Commerce, Rose and Baden Powell streets. Welsh stated something has to be done about it. Murton stated he will submit patrol adversary in the area. S. Krater will call the County about the recycle bins.


Finance – Zimmerman reported copies of the up to date budget has been given to everyone. Zimmerman reported we are at 35.13% of the budget for the year. Zimmerman suggest Committee’s look at their budget. Zimmerman suggest we may need to move money around.

Mayor stated tax collector is getting calls about extensions. Zimmerman reported that the County is not going to go with giving discounts or extensions.

Zimmerman would like to get portable drives for the Police and the Office with Co-Star prices. The quote in March was $201.08 but the price could change. Zimmerman/Sullivan motioned to make the purchase. Motion approved.


Public Works – D. Krater reported Ehrlich bills from Ehrlich for vegetation control in the amount of $3,700 that we have to decide on for next month. Zimmerman reported Lubinsky was talking with Ehrlich for the other services being done.

  1. Krater reported the yearly update for health insurance came in. For same coverage it went up 6% due for renewal in August.
  2. Krater reported the highway crew has been fixing up the playgrounds, painting the inside of the Senior Building, mulch for Miller’s playground. Faust is checking for leaks on Senior Building also.
  3. Krater reported Faust is checking on hole on Valley Street and has a call in to get fixed. The hole at Turkey Hill is going down and calls have been made about that problem.


RTK request from Mike Qurecia requesting the audit for 2019. D. Krater reported that when replying to the request she specifically stated that it was not in our custody because it was not done. Quercia then filed a grievance with the State and filed an appeal against the Borough. It is now in the hands of the Solicitor because there are once that is done it has to go to the Solicitor to be handled.




Property – Manning reported the cameras are in the Police Dept. and the office. Faust did a great job installing them.


Manning received estimates for the roof over the Police station. Estimates are $4,000, $5,000 and $5,280 for a rubber roof, 30 year warranty. Manning/D. Krater motioned to go with the higher bid for a better roof. Solicitor stated he approves the higher bid. Motion approved.


Safety – No report.


Recreation – No report.


Zoning/Code – McBreen reported there was 1 property condemned, 1 rental inspection. McBreen reported they are looking at revamping the rental ordinance to get it updated. McBreen reported Nick would like an ID for the Borough to present while inspection. McBreen stated we can discuss at the next meeting.

McBreen presented a resignation from Eric Siegfried for the Zoning Hearing Board but will continue doing the Quality of Life ordinance. McBreen/Manning motioned to accept the resignation. Motion approved.

Mengle reported there was one permit approved by Hummel for a porch roof for Shane on 5th Street.


Personnel – S. Krater reported the increase for the insurance will be $7,518.50 monthly, $90,222 yearly. Increase will be 6.7% and monthly increase is $368.99. S. Krater stated we can look at it and discuss at next meeting. A representative will come in and talk to everyone about the changes. Manning would like to look at it more. Will be decided on next month meeting.


Sanitation – Ferraro reports no complaints.


Treasurer – Balance as of April 1st – $138,066.94, checks written – $78,078.09, deposits of $89,604.71, ending balance of – $149,593.56. Actual balance as of April 30th with outstanding checks is $132,225.19. Liquid Fuels allotment came in for $66,314.51 giving us a balance of $143,664.70.

Tax Collector report – taxes collected through 3/1 thru 5/15 – Real Estate tax collected $244,758.09, Per Capita – $9,267.78, Sanitation collected $64,017.


  1. Krater/Zimmerman motioned to accept committee reports. Motion approved.

McBreen/Manning motioned to accept Treasure/Tax Collector report. Motion approved.


Engineer – Tohill reported updates on projects.

FEMA Mill Creek repair – FEMA would not allow the original plans for the wall and FEMA will do another walk down meeting to let us know what will be allowed for the wall. Benesch will be ready to go as soon as they get direction. Tohill will forward any information to the Borough as he gets it.

4th Street FEMA – Tohill reported they need to resubmit 2 highway occupancy permits and as soon as they come back the project will be ready to bid. Tohill stated it was discussed to incorporate the Pine Street project from 1st to Pike as a Part B to include with the bid with the option of not accepting Part B if needed. Tohill wants to meet with the Borough for specs. Hopefully have the bids for the July meeting.

Growing Greener – DEP looks all good, no reason why contract manager won’t sign. Contract should be sent to Borough and then forward a copy to Benesch in order to move forward. Pagnotti wrote a deadline of Aug or Sept for survey to be done.

CDBG flood mitigation – Tohill would like to meet with the Borough. Tohill reported Zimmerman said to get to Gary Bender ASAP.

Valley Street – Tohill discussed with Faust on how to proceed with the inlet and pipe on the excavating of the site.

  1. Krater reported we will copy Ben Schuettler on the flood mitigation project.


Fire Chief – March report = QRS – 31 calls, Fire 7 calls, April report QRS – 18 calls, Fire 8 calls.


Welsh reported the Fire Co. placed into service a 2018 4 thousand gallon per minute Pumper with 3,000 gallon water tank identified as 59-30. Everyone in the community stepped up for the $300,000 vehicle.


Ben Schuettler reports the County EMA states we are still in the red for COvid.


Mayor – Mayor reports the Schuylkill County Chamber dues are up for renewal for $325.00. Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to pay the renewal. Motion approved.

Mayor reported he received complaints about the garbage cans at Lubinsky park overflowing and grass not being cut but Mayor did notice the grass was cut. Mayor noticed garbage can by the Flower shop is full and reported that to Faust.

Mayor reported there was a study done on Washington Street to extend no parking to get the new truck out of the garage. Murton reported that the only thing needed to do is to extend the yellow lines. Zimmerman/McBreen motioned to approve the no parking area. Motion approved.

Mayor worked with Mr. Reppe from Lehigh Valley, Pottsville to obtain AED machines for the Fire Dept. and Police Dept. Mayor received confirmation of the donation just a few days ago. There will be a photo op for the donation.

Murton reported if anyone wants CPR training Murton is certified to teach the class and can do it at the Borough Hall.


Solicitor – Solicitor Burke reported he will be handling the OOR appeal to respond. Burke stated it is our legal opinion that you can’t produce something that is not in your possession. Burke reported he has a letter from Lettich stating that he hasn’t even started work on it along with other information to include with the response.


Creek Wall – Burke stated the easement for Winstein, Foley, Spiess for the creek wall along with Richter and Fees for Fourth Street have been prepared and are waiting for the design to be included with the papers. Burke suggest meeting with residents one night with staggered times.


New business – D. Krater stated Memorial Day will be on Monday and Palo Alto will be on Sunday with Fire Dept. and Police Dept. Port Carbon parade is for 9 am with a drive through town to remember our fallen soldiers and military. There will be taps played at the Gazebo with a prayer and ring bell for our soldiers. There will be social distancing.

Murton will post no parking the night before.


5K has been cancelled due to the current situation.


Fireworks will be on July 4th at 9:30. Flyers are being sent out. We will be collecting at all the entrances into town.


Citizens Committee is discussing with the Schoentown vets for a food fest fundraiser with a tentative date of June 13th. There will be call in orders for pick up.


Chinese auction will be held in July at the Senior Building. Items donated from the nephew of Marian Childs. Fire Co. can have a food sale there to raise money for the Fire Co.


Yard sale will be held August 1st. Will have to sign up to be included on the sheet. The money from this will go to the Children’s Christmas party.


Kelly Davis asked that when we fix the corner at the Gazebo she knows people that will donate their time.


Zimmerman stated that the 2nd St. property is starting to do more work there. There is mention on their Facebook page about having a halfway house there. They are also looking at the house next door.


Welsh asked about Encounters if there is any progress there.


Zimmerman/D. Krater motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Luanne Mengle

Borough Secretary

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